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Inventory Wizard

Improved Inventory Management

WorkSite’s™ Inventory Wizard is a dynamic tool that provides electronic ordering with your key distributors. It helps you to budget your maintenance supplies, measure your usage, and simplifies replenishment. Inventory Wizard facilitates the set-up and management of your storeroom or van inventory, organizes and automates inventory replenishment, which reduces stock outs. This results in less non-productive downtime waiting for parts and improves operational efficiency. Provides spot buy capabilities.

Better Service Management

The WorkSite™ Communicator might be called "Work Orders Made Easy".  It does the work for you, contacting the technician or service provider by email, pager, or other text messaging, updating schedules, reminding them when work is due, tracking progress and keeping you informed.

Communicator facilitates every step of your work order process—including cost-tracking, measuring tenant satisfaction, and documenting results.

Superior Asset Management

WorkSite™ Asset Manager eliminates many of the headaches of managing and tracking your assets.  Its easy-to-use format allows you to record and monitor key capital assets (such as HVAC equipment or computers) and lets you share that information with anyone who needs it.  Asset Manager provides a way to register complete details, including name of equipment, identifying serial numbers, location, vendor, warranty information, and your internal cost center, to name a few.  You can choose to organize and track your equipment by location, type, or by an individual piece of equipment.

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